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Stage Night XVIII

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Allsångskväll med Thomas & Calle!

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Allsång med Thomas Lundin och Calle Pettersson

fre. den 31 mars.

Sjung in våren med några av våra mest älskade vårsånger på Karelia den sista mars kl. 19.00.

Duon Thomas Lundin och Calle Petterson inleder allsångsåret 2017 med en kväll fylld av sprudlande sång och vårglädje på Kulturhuset Karelia i Ekenäs.

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If the world can be described as a wilderness of a place then our lives can be likened to the journey out of the wilds of uncertainty into a knowing. Jannike Sandstrom was born with the gift of song. Like so many of vocal artists we all seek to find a way to begin our journey. The roads we travel before reaching a semblance of a final destination are indeed varied..as varied as the airports we land in. Jannike Sandstrom has reached a turn in her own road. “She started out singing before she could talk”, her mother's has been quoted as saying. If you ask Jannike, she confirms this but as one talks to her she gives the impression of one whose walk in life (like her innate ability to sing) is infused with an determined sense of independence not uncommon among Finnish artists.


While she is quick to confess that she did not do her best during the 2008 Finnish Idol competition, she is also outspoken in her critique of the production team responsible for “editing” her the way they did. “I didn't even tell anyone (family) about the day I was to go to the audition. It was the day after my grandmother's funeral... so there were lots of tears and grief”. Looking back she adds, but I was already a bit older than the 'Cinderella Story' aged girls they favored”. Often times, the well-schooled individuals come to a resting place along their journey and the place where they come to rest their luggage is not suitable to unpack. Despite placing 9th in that 2008 venture, Jannike was not deterred. She had suspended her studies to compete but quickly returned . She suspected her engagement with 'Idol' was a mere encountered detour.

Jannike attended the prestigious Sibelius Academy. While pursuing her Masters degree in music Jannike also began to put theory to practice. Since roughly 2007 (and for ten seasons there after) she has served as the choir director for Lucia. [Each year a young maiden is chosen to represent St. Lucia on Lucia Day 13 December. Lucia is crowned in a Cathedral in Helsinki]. It is a televised production and perhaps one of the most watched annual productions in Finnish television. An outsider might find the entire proceedings surrounding Lucia part secular part religious. It is both. For its theatrical aspects, Jannike's knowledge of song and directorial skills proved a more suitable resting place for her. On November 11th (2012) Jannike´s winter single “I'M STILL MISSING YOU” was released. The song is about missing someone around Christmas time and getting flashbacks to a previous winter. In 2013 she released a Swedish Christmas-song with the artist Thomas Lundin and the Lucia-choir, conducted by Jannike.

Asked if she will direct the children choir scheduled to appear at the same time with her at STAGE NIGHT(an annual production created by Kristoffer Holmberg in Ekenas), she replies, no but the tune in IM STILL MISSING YOU which was used in that Christmas song with Thomas Lundin is what they will sing. I am so pleased that tune has done so well”.

As her focused journey continued toward that of more pop star than a songbird with knowledge of musicology, her pathways seem to become sprinkled with the dust of the fairy-tales. In 2014 February Jannike released her first single in English. Ironically entitled I DON'T BELEIVE IN FAIRY-TALES. Later on in 2014 while in the United States, Jannike's turned over another stone. She had the chance to meet songwriter Linda Thompson, who happens to be Elvis Presley's last girlfriend and has written many hits such as "I HAVE NOTHING" by Whitney Houston. Linda liked Jannike´s voice and wanted to work with her. As a result, the second single "Hallowed Ground" was penned.

All the above-referenced songs became either European radio hits or the necessary dust kicked up that draw attention to what was missed during her 2008 debacle. “I'm so glad there are no video clips from that... many of my strongest supporters agree it was not my best performance”. As to her head strong personality, Jannike adds, she can be directed and remain outspoken as both aspects are apart of the scene.

This articles is based on an interview conducted by Kevin Stewart (via phone) shortly before Jannike Sandstrom scheduled performance at Karelia in Ekenas. Along with guest speaker Sanna Tahvanainen and originator and producer of Stage Night, Kristoffer Holmberg , the event pays tribute to Finland national poet J.L. Runeberg. Stage Night XVII is a jointly brought to the stage annually to give young students of music a one night stand with professional lights camera and action!!



The life of a butterfly is more fascinating than the beauty it often displays. . How its origins as an elongated tree hugging caterpillar who morph into a winged insect of beauty, baffles the mind. In like manner, a stage performer invites a similar reaction. As spectator, we become transfixed at the performance before us. The butterfly darts to and fro under sunlight. Musicians and theater actors waltz around under gel-colored lights. Enter Daniela Fogelholm. Born in 1977, this Finnish performance artist along with her own bunch of brightly clad compatriots collectively known as FLIP FLOP, will take center stage Sunday March19, at Karelia.

As a entomologist must classify insects so too must a writer try to gain a foothole in which he can pass on information about a person. Daniela is an anomaly. She refuses to be pigeon-holed as a performer. Look at her education. In 2002, she obtained her degree in theater and dance from Turku Arts Academy. Fine.. simply enough... then when asked to elaborate, Daniela shares “After graduation, I worked as a freelance actor / singer and worked in the Palace Theatre, City Theatre of Turku and Åbo Svenska Teater. In addition, I freelance in different groups who produced their own numerous musical theater productions, concerts and songs. I have worked with Sairaalaklovnit [a association of professional clowns in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu.] since 2003, and I also do gigs as a magician clown MokaBella / ToraBella (in Swedish), at children's parties and other events.

Ok, now one raises his eyebrow and decides to look at this diverse background in parts. This will help us classify Daniela. Yet to listen to her speak with an on again off again chuckle is to also feel a stream of consciousness pouring out...“My title is musical theater actor”, she adds mid stream. One wonders, from where does all this come? What was her origin, one seeks to put it all in order. “When I was 5 years old the circus came to town and when they pulled up stakes and left, I was crying... 'No', I want to be apart of that world.” Daniela's, tears were not in vain. Although she did not run away with the circus, she would ultimately become her own ring master. Since 2003 she has been a member of the Hospital Clown Association and enjoys training children with her magical antics. Daniel Fogelholm has been clowning around professionally not under big tents with circuses but in hospitals and homes. The caterpillar in her would morph into an adult yet the essence of the caterpillar remained in.

If we liken the performance arts to a field of flowers from which an entertainer gathers energy from one flower then goes on to another then we come to understand the possible origins that led Daniela to FLIP FLOP. Caterpillars crawl slowly inch by inch yet butterflies jettison from plant to flower. A species requires like-minded species to multiply. FlipFlop is made up of  Daniela Fogelholm (song), Juha Kujanpää (piano), Lauri Salokoski (bass guitar), Mikael Seire (drums, percussion), Kaisa Niemi (the frog Filippa). More on the frog later. Each of the members has as varied a field of expertise as Daniela. Several are educators. Juha Kujanpaa is a composer (as is each of the band members). Mikael Seire has played with a lot of various house bands, as well as in theaters and on television. He also plays in a number of different musical style for Finnish recordings. With such diverse backgrounds one might assume the productions is geared toward the romp and stomp of a playground. Not so, according to Daniela, “we knew that acts of this kind might appear that way, yet each of us is a composer. We compose our own songs and are “dedicated to making serious music for children”.


From Flowers to Lilly Pads

. We now gather what gave rise to the creation of this musician's formation. She has a giving spirit and loves entertainment. Daniela Folgelholm takes flight as a vocalist in FlipFlop yet her evolution is never done. Each opportunity to expand speaks to her. Adding the frog to the show is an ideal that came to her when she saw a book in a salvage shop. Daniela felt the group needed a means to touch the audience. On the cover of that book she saw a frog. “Hmm...” she thought.. To encourage the same kind of participation she already administered in her gigs as Moka Bella, she asked a co-worker with a “froggy spirit” to join the act.

Butterflies do not seem to recognize their own beauty. Vanity does not seem to posses them They live only a short time. Some Children keep their youth even as they grow older. Yet children are children but a short while. This is the first time Daniela Fogelholm and FLIPFLOP will appears at Karelia. Why not gather yourself and the young ones for a night out on the town together. Why not develop memories to take home? “ We want kids to be inspired. We want the shy ones to see that a fog can hop around. I used to try to communicate with audience while singing but when we added the frog, then I realized the children had with who they could communicate.”

Finally pinned down into a place where the butterfly is labeled and classified, the collector in us is satisfied. If it were only so simply with performance artist. The wings move ever so slowly and then Daniela mentions that she is part of another ensemble called DizzyQeens.

. The entomologist places his pencil down....starts to erase what he has classified Daniela Folgelholm as... stares into the heavens.... and concludes....DIZZYQUEENS???

This may be a new species.

Yet the fact remains, Daniela Fogellholm and FLIPFLOP is in a class of its own.


Freelance Writer